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White pearl paint flaking off

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after 4 and a half years my paint started to flake off. I found out the white paint is the worst color. and Nissan does not want to cover it under warrant. It took 8 months to get an approval. And now I see it starting to bubble on the front left fender and the Nissan dealer said they are done they will not handle paint issue Any more.
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Probably have to talk to Nissan directly... but since everyone was forced to water based paints, the majority of the coatings are garbage.

It's not that water based paints can't be done well, they can... it just costs more money than the paint companies want to spend. Which is odd considering the paint industry runs on near 80% margins.
What did automotive paint used to based from?
What did automotive paint used to based from?
Petroleum bases. Solvents and things. When I was an industrial painter, our paint was cut with xylene. Automotive paints used a different thinner than xylene, but I can't remember what it was. I still think the longest lasting, strongest paint ever put on a pickup was Ford Oxford White in the 90's.
Mine is also flaking in the same spot on tailgate, black in color. I have a bed topper so doesn’t bother me so much now but will at some point.
Read your manuals, I found the paint waranty info in there, it is covered from flaking and bubbling.
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